It All Changed

If the Internet was a person, it would be a 36-year-old right now...let that sink in...If we compare the internet's "life" to most human trajectory, in 1993 the internet was a 10-year-old barely beginning to shape up and in 2001 it was a “full” 18-year-old able to make decisions for itself.

Now, whether you agree with this or not, our society let an 18-year-old completely redesign our entire existence; quite frankly, the way we perceive and interact with the internet governs all other aspects of our modern life (this of course, is open for discussion and you are welcome to leave your thoughts down below). Good marketers, economists, and business men/women know this and roll with it because they have had no choice but to adapt; paper went from being a medium to a preference, people exchanged human contact for screen connectivity, and the internet changed from a "source" to an alternate reality in which people can redesign themselves...and so did society along with it.


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