Does it Really Count as Consent?

According to an article on Harvard Business Review called “Customer Data: Designing for Transparency and Trust” most people (including myself before a class I took with Professor Gustavo Mosquera on this topic) are unaware of most of the data collection practices they agree to when signing up for social media. The tendency to click “Allow” and “Agree” just so the user can get to the point is the really shady way in which owners of such sites have managed to collect undesired information from unwilling participants. A reader of this post might wonder if this is really the case given rules and regulations are listed before the user can give consent but if this were really the case (and those readers may comment down below) how is it that most people have no idea that friends lists, location, web searches, communication history (like chat logs), IP addresses and web surfing is all available to, say, Zuckerberg?

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