Before Time Runs Out

A marketer’s awareness of the reality in which we currently exist is one of the biggest parts of the job; right now that means multi screens. Statistics continue to prove that a person’s identity is so connected to the way we interact with those screens that we have become wary of the people who are not on social media, don’t have a phone, or don’t watch tv. While that is wonderful news to the marketer, it might be the end of human contact. I believe the marketer is in many ways a shaper of society; yes, the job is to advertise products/services, but in a much more real sense it consists in selling lifestyles. I think that by doing what we do, we have this power in our hands that must be wielded with caution and respect; while we should make money from these statistics and use them to our advantage, we can’t forget our responsibility to society and the world we are shaping. I believe there is a way to sell and build something good for everyone…before time runs out.

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