IMG_2816When I was a young girl in Cuba, I dreamed of attending Berklee College of Music. In 2013 that dream transformed from absurdity into a very real possibility I simply had to word hard for; September of that year (thanks to God and my family) I was able to move go study there.

At Berklee I learned to write music for the current industry using most combinations of instruments under an amazing major they offer called Contemporary Writing and Production. Although attending the school was a dream come true in itself, the greatest part of that experience was discovering a passion for soundtracks and music for image that hasn’t left me ever since. As it turned out, the idea of having sounds serve a purpose meticulously planned by its creator (being a driving force for consumer persuasion) got me interested in the world of Marketing altogether, so I enrolled in the Masters of Science in Marketing at FIU and graduated in July of 2019.

Currently I’m working as a music teacher at Doral International Academy of Math and Science, school where I get to share what knowledge I have attained so far with the youth. This immensely rewarding experience allows me to feel I’m doing my part in making the world a better place 🙂